Blogging is for the off-season; meet me on Twitter!

Now that the podcast is live and episodes are being released every two weeks, I’ll be blogging much less than I did leading up to the March 31st debut.  In fact, I may not publish another blog post at all until after Season One ends in early August.  For me, blogging is for the off-season.

Launch Complete… Now The REALLY Fun Part Begins!

Successful launch: COMPLETE.  Now the really fun part begins – sharing the fruits of my labor with all of you, and growing my audience! So far, the response has been amazing.  I’m so grateful to everyone who has shared the show on social media, reviewed it on iTunes or Stitcher, and otherwise helped me spread the

What about your dissertation?

Increasingly, I’ve been asked by mentors, colleagues, and family members if I plan to feature any of my old PhD dissertation work in How It Began.  My dissertation covered the history of synthetic materials research, development, and commercialization.  Will I do an episode in Season Two, they ask, on how plastics began?  Perhaps, but the theme

One Last Teaser

The history of medicine fascinates me in a special sort of way.  It coheres the history of science and technology, sure, but it also features the history of our most intimate and intense experiences: how we suffer, how we face death, how we care for others, how we heal.  Amid barbarism and violence – the very worst elements of humanity

The Architecture of Season One

Just over two weeks from now, How It Began goes live; the first three episodes of Season One will be released on iTunes, Stitcher, YouTube, and elsewhere on Friday March 31st! Every two weeks thereafter another episode will be released, until the 12-episode season ends 18 weeks later in early August.  Season Two will likely debut a

Countdown to Launch!

With the arrival of March, we begin the final countdown to the public debut of How It Began!  After many months of hard work, I’m thrilled to be on the verge of sharing with you this history of the modern world. Toward the end of March, the introductory episode for the series along with one or two

A History of Presidential Leadership

With all of the contention surrounding Donald Trump’s young presidency, I can’t help but yearn for historical perspective on how presidents have responded to the stresses of the past.  Many, including Trump himself, are arguing that America has fallen from greatness, and that the goal of the present term is to make America great once again.  However

Establishing The Age of the Instrument

As a historian of science and technology, I find one of the most instructive case studies on the impact of new technology on science to be the introduction of lens instruments after the year 1600.  It’s easy to look back today at the advent of lens instruments, i.e. the telescope and the microscope, and assert

The Evolution of Language

I’m having a sort of meta research experience today as I near the end of working on Season One.  And in order to tell you more about this, I have to reveal the identity of a couple of episodes.  Ready?!  (Drum roll please)… They are: “The Theory of Evolution,” and “The English Language!” Yep, that’s right!  These

The mystery of the hidden podcast

Where are my podcasts?! Safely stored in a secret computer… on my desk. These blog posts, however, will hopefully provide some insight into what’s to come.  As for the podcast, you’re going to have to wait just a little longer. The first episode, which will introduce the series, will be launched sometime around late March. Depending on the interest this

How did it begin?

Welcome to my blog! Over the coming weeks and months, you can follow along and engage with me as I seek to redefine the storytelling of history. History isn’t just for bespectacled, tweed jacket-wearing individuals. You don’t always need to spend hours reading, or years researching, to cultivate a deep historical perspective.  Sometimes you just need