The Architecture of Season One

Just over two weeks from now, How It Began goes live; the first three episodes of Season One will be released on iTunes, Stitcher, YouTube, and elsewhere on Friday March 31st!

Every two weeks thereafter another episode will be released, until the 12-episode season ends 18 weeks later in early August.  Season Two will likely debut a few months after that, but for now, let’s focus on Season One…

In addition to clarifying Season One’s 12 episode schedule, I’d also like to comment on the conceptual and narrative architecture of How It Began’s inaugural season.  This show is big.  It deals with big topics.  I’ve definitely designed the podcast so that you can listen to whichever episode you want in any order after they’ve been released – this is not a multipart story, in other words, and there are no “to be continued’s,” each episode stands alone – however, there are some episodes that help lay conceptual and historiographical groundwork that may enrich your experience of listening to episodes released later.  For example, the third episode of Season One is “Modern Science,” which helps to define concepts like “rational,” “experimental,” and “objective,” and differentiate terms like “belief” versus “knowledge.”  Releasing “Modern Science” so early in Season One is designed to help you to better understand how I use such language throughout the rest of the season.  Another example of purposeful ordering comes later, with the release of “Electricity,” followed by “Computers,” followed by “The Internet.”  Again, you would hopefully find no trouble in listening to these episodes out of this order, but they will be released in this order to build historically and conceptually upon one another.  The Season One finale is also purposefully saved for last given the overall civilizational importance of “The Theory of Evolution,” but it need not be the final episode you listen to from Season One – there shouldn’t be any major logistical announcements attached to it or anything, that’s what this blog is for!

So, without further ado, I give you the full schedule of Season One:

(March 31st) 101: How It Began: An Introduction

(March 31st) 102: Horsepower

(March 31st) 103: Modern Science

(April 14th) 104: Wolves to Dogs

(April 28th) 105: Monumental Infrastructure

(May 12th) 106: Surgery

(May 26th) 107: Electricity

(June 9th) 108: Computers

(June 23rd) 109: The Internet

(July 7th) 110: The Stock Market

(July 21st) 111: The English Language

(August 4th) 112: The Theory of Evolution

As soon as each episode becomes available on iTunes, Stitcher, etc., you will find its RSS feed embedded in my Podcasts page on this website, along with additional information about the episode including a select bibliography.  I typically read up to a dozen books and as many articles as part of my research for each episode, and I’ll highlight the best of these sources for further reading.  If you have any questions about any episode, never hesitate to send me a note through my Get In Touch page, Facebook, or Twitter.

Remember, the best way to stay in the loop on episode releases is to join my email list!

We’re almost there!

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