The mystery of the hidden podcast

Where are my podcasts?!

Safely stored in a secret computer… on my desk. These blog posts, however, will hopefully provide some insight into what’s to come.  As for the podcast, you’re going to have to wait just a little longer. The first episode, which will introduce the series, will be launched sometime around late March. Depending on the interest this blog generates over the next month, I may also release two additional episodes at that time to satisfy your hunger for history!

Either way, I’ll soon be releasing a schedule of the entire first season to give you a better sense of what’s on offer. Additionally, I will be working on providing you all with some bonus sound bites previewing Season One’s material, and the first soundbite is available now (see below)! This should help familiarize you with my style and provide some clips you can share with your friends, or even do a little further reading on in the run-up to release.

The next thing I need to pin down is exactly how you’ll be able to listen to my podcasts. I’ve taken a look at all the major platforms, i.e. Stitcher, iTunes, Google Music, Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud… the list goes on. I’d be interested to know what platform you prefer, and how you prefer to listen: on your phone or your computer, at home or out? After all, YOU are my audience!  And this is a time when I need to listen to you in order to optimize How It Began’s distribution. With all the options out there, I have decided that for the first few episodes at least I will focus on a few large platforms, and then see how best to expand given your input.

So stay tuned! Keep an eye on the website and keep up with this blog, and let’s exchange intel on How It Began!

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    • Brad Harris


      We’re delighted you like the show, Connor! And thanks for reviewing it on iTunes and sharing it on social media! That makes a YUGE difference in helping grow our audience!

  1. Levin Hovest


    Looking forward to your podcast and excited to even use them in my history class! Students will love this.

  2. Alexis


    For now, I’m looking forward to having YouTube pop up on the phone to tell me a new “How It Began” podcast is available. Then I could listen from the phone or on the computer. That’ll work well!
    Eventually, we might hope to find you on Audible.

    • Brad Harris


      Hi Alexis!
      Thanks for your interest in How It Began! You can subscribe to my YouTube channel to ensure you’re notified of all my latest uploads there, and if you haven’t done so already, be sure to sign up for my email list so you’re emailed anytime there’s a new podcast available!

  3. Morgan stewart


    I use iTunes for podcasts and enjoy listening while driving. Can’t wait to hear how it began from a knowledgeable, story-telling historian!

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